Intim massage in Kiev

Crazy Kiev, flying cars and swarming people, without a doubt discussing the incredible relationships in the movie “Fifty shades of gray.” Go to any salon in Kiev – there is only heard: “Oh, but I have not finished reading!”, “What are you, and we are reviewing the second time already!”. It is amazing how people can pay attention to something that does not apply to them. Why does this piece hurt me? Not it hurts me, but the attitude of society towards him. A young society, of course. Are you impressed to shiver at the roots of your hair? – Go to the massage salon for an intimate massage, arrange yourself, for a start, an easy break of patterns, citizens! Everything true and wonderful is near, and you meditate on a book or a movie screen, forgetting about the authenticity of sensations in your life.

Интимный массаж

I recommend you this massage salon as a temple of open truths and correct sensations. You do not need to be “special” to discover the unknown. It is enough to come to the salon, and order a massage program for yourself, say, with one masseuse. Then, of course, as it goes – sometimes the second hour is asked for two, before the consciousness is liberated. And no BDSM is necessary, enjoy what you still did not know!

And why did we still not know about the intimate massage? Judging from this position, we know everything about everything, but we still manually lift the piano to the fifth floor, dig a potato with a shovel, and we think that the massage salon is an illegal “dumb sweeper hut”. I hope you also smiled, presenting like. But let’s get serious: many of us are literally fascinated by audacity, openness and sensuality, captured in “black and white” in books or on screens. You can gasp, snap your tongue and say: “This is what they live for, well, they have impressions there …”. And where does this experience come from the creators of these images? – Only from life!

Do you want bright sensations – choose a massage salon in Kiev and purposefully advance to an body massage. That’s what will happen to you there, if without details: they will meet charming white-toothed smiles, which just blows the aroma of strawberries and jasmine; heat, pick up a nymph – one from the look of which the heart itself will jump, just to move closer to it. And this nymph will lead you into an unobtrusive, but tastefully furnished room with a bathroom, where at first you, like a juicy peach, will wash you.

Интим массаж в Киеве

Eromassage requires close, and even the closest bodily contact, therefore you will be washed with passion, so that every cell of the body will feel the touch of wet velvety hands and … legs, tummy … all the more not just to scratch yourself! And some massage parlors in Kiev offer bathing in a huge bathroom, with floating living petals, with burning aromatic candles and a special romantic highlight – wow, as I recall, she cries with excitement to the tip of the tongue!

But gentle “rinsing” of your body is only the first part of what is called an intimate massage in salons. Then you will be lured into a room where true magic will begin on a special bed, in which not that fifty shades of gray but all fifteen hundred spectra of the rainbow will be walked before you! Yes, it is worth talking about it emotionally, with pauses and arrangements …

Do you like a slippery, hot, exciting, shiny and fragrant-smelling body? And your, in the same condition, love? Great, this is where the main massage procedure begins. But take your time. Although you are already warmed up, the massage remains a massage, and they are supposed to be engaged. Here you are the same velvet handles with a perfect manicure, they will begin to massage. Strong, skillful, sometimes so sensitive that you should not be shy to express admiration in a low voice. Such rounded, solid, alluring ones will connect to the handles … And those who, on the other hand, will also join the massage later. Yes, citizens, this is called an intimate massage, and not all dreams there over other people’s opuses! That’s what you are offered in Kiev, in particular, in this massage salon. Throw a sad flow of fluids on the book – take yourself in the bundle, and “blow” into the salon of erotic massage! For what I wrote above is only the beginning of the main part of the “Marlezonsky ballet”, and the most interesting things will come next. Live your “shades”, it’s worth it.