History of erotic massage

Erotic massage and its origin

The erotic massage stood out in Lviv, like many other forms of this art, from Thai massage, which in turn originated in Asia. More recently, it was a rather exotic phenomenon, but today it has become an integral part of the services of many massage parlors. Great importance in this type of massage is given to the energy force of a person, the search for the overall balance and harmony of body systems. Masseurs, competently mastered all the techniques and subtleties of body massage, argue that only after “correcting” all the energy problems existing in a person, correct treatment of existing medical ailments is possible, and body massage is the fastest and most pleasant way to “correct”.

Conditions required for body massage in the salon Eros in Kiev

The required conditions for body massage necessarily involve the use of additional means during its procedure, including the most varied types of aromatic oils, slow, soothing music and a special interior. All this entourage has a very strong influence on the psychological state of the client and leads to the rapid activation of all erogenous zones on the body. At the same time, the rhythm of the massage is extraordinarily gentle, calm and elegant. Before the direct massage, a special “preparation” is performed, during which the masseuse performs a series of manipulations with the client’s body, caresses him, makes special strokes, and slides her body parts along the client’s body. You can read about erotic massage in Kiev here, you can also see photos of our masseuses

Among the positive medical characteristics of body massage, the following can be noted: stimulation and improvement of blood circulation, relaxation of muscles, tendons and joints, positive effect on the skin, but the moral satisfaction resulting from body massage is simply impossible to compare with something.