About massage

Intimate massage
I recommend you this massage salon as a temple of open truths and correct sensations. You do not need to be “special” to discover the unknown. Enough to come to the salon, and order a erotic massage program, say, with one masseuse. Then, of course, as it goes – sometimes the second hour is asked for two, before the consciousness is liberated. And no BDSM is necessary, enjoy what you still did not know!

Erotic massage for couples
Every couple who is in a romantic relationship wants to organize their free time with benefit and pleasure. One of the components of such a relationship is necessarily erotica. One of the types of eroticism, you can choose erotic massage for couples, which will add to your relationship a special touch of spice.

Thai body massage

Erotic massage Lviv https://caramel-erotic.com.ua/en/ will plunge you into the world of unforgettable pleasures and will bring every cell of your body a feeling of complete relaxation.
Even before the procedure starts, your body will feel new sweet feelings. First, you take a relaxing shower, in this case you will be helped by a sweet and charming girl who will rub the oils onto the surface of your skin.

Mens massage

An experienced male massage therapist will help you enjoy your leisure time. Most likely, you will want to repeat more than once the order of this service, this is not surprising, you can constantly call different massage therapists, and you can trust one guy and constantly order it.

The history of erotic massage

The body massage stood out in Kiev, like many other forms of this art, from Thai massage, which in turn originated in Asia. More recently, it was a rather exotic phenomenon, but today it has become an integral part of the services of many massage parlors. Great importance in this type of massage is given to the energy force of a person, the search for the overall balance and harmony of body systems.

Relaxing massage

The amazing invention of Chinese and Indian healers – body massage. The main purpose of the massage is the circulation of vital energy inside the body and soul of a person. The Pechersk district today is famous not only for historical sites, but also for the opportunity to order a healing body massage.

Thai massage

Thai massage is one of the most complex types of massage. He demands from the specialist conducting him deep knowledge and the utmost sensitivity of the body being massaged. Thanks to a special stroking, kneading and squeezing movements, the flexibility of the joints is restored, all muscles are toned, blood circulation and lymph flow are stimulated.

The interior of our salon

The interior of the massage salon “Eros” to some extent creates the sensation of a sensual tale, a kingdom where everything is subject to the wishes of the client, where all his whims will be fulfilled. Here he is welcome and ready to deliver a magical sensual pleasure. Plunging into such an atmosphere, a person turns away from all that is ordinary and adjusts himself to an erotic massage in the best possible way. Delicate, exquisite aromas reigning in the cabin, caress the smell. Pleasant meditative music is relaxing and soothing.


This delightful procedure was a smashing success with nobles and was popular with many nations who appreciate sensual pleasures. And now there are more and more willing to experience this truly royal action on themselves.

The advantages of our customers

Wonderful interior cabin. It has long been known that if you want to get the most unforgettable emotions and be fully involved in the process, then you need to pay special attention to the interior of the room, as well as how to relax.

Positive sides of erotic massage

Classic erotic massage is recommended for all people. It helps to get rid of experiences, stress, all sorts of negative sensations and emotions. You can get the so-called “hormone of happiness”, which is so lacking for each of us. In addition, a good erotic massage – is getting rid of pain in the joints and muscles.