Thai massage

Thai massage is one of the most ancient types of massage practices. It originated from a combination of teachings from various Eastern schools about the human body and its energy flows. One of the most famous is the classical healing system of ancient India – Ayurveda. The ancient healers believed that the health, longevity and even success in all undertakings directly depend on the proper flow of energy flows in the human body. Now this teaching is actively being revived, therefore in many massage parlors Thai massage is one of the most demanded procedures. This is due to the desire to restore the energy integrity of his “I”, to return the inner harmony and experience complete relaxation.
Thai massage is one of the most complex types of erotic massage Lviv. He demands from the specialist conducting him deep knowledge and the utmost sensitivity of the body being massaged. Thanks to a special stroking, kneading and squeezing movements, the flexibility of the joints is restored, all muscles are toned, blood circulation and lymph flow are stimulated. When Thai massage uses special techniques effects on the human body. They are aimed not only at regulating the physical state, but also at actively restoring the energy balance. According to ancient teachings, the human body has many energy channels through which vital force circulates – prana. A masseuse during Thai massage presses on special points on the human body, thanks to which the energy channels are cleared and the movement of prana is activated.
Erotic massage is held for a long time and can last up to three hours. The technique of performing it resembles the smooth steps of a kind of dance. Masseuse unhurried, concentrated actions gently kneads the whole body massaged. Moreover, the movements are used very different: from soft, relaxing strokes to deep “forcing” and twisting. A girl performing a sex massage can use not only her hands (fingers, palms), but also her feet, elbows, even her knees to affect the client’s body. All movements performed by it are very gentle, careful and absolutely not traumatic. Interestingly, thanks to the twisting, the specialist acts on the deep skeletal muscles (for example, on the internal muscles of the small pelvis), which are not possible to work through with conventional, classical massage. The one who is affected by such an impact, unnoticed by himself, completely relaxes and reaches a state of complete peace, which has a beneficial effect on the mental and emotional state.